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From Led Zeppelin To Run DMC, Portland Restaurants Offer A Bite Of Every Genre: The Pop-Up Isn’t Over Yet!

Old school jams are making a comeback and Portland restaurants are the mix masters of bringing the food and music together! Whether you religiously visited the local record shops to snag the latest vinyl or stole your parents CDs to pop into your Walkman, we all fell in love listening to the classics. With these music trends re-emerging, Portland restaurants are redefining traditional dinner with old school grooves to take you back to a time when rock n’ roll was king, and hip hop was golden!

Portland is famous for its indie food scene, pushing boundaries and introducing new concepts to traditional dining. Alternative styles of dining have opened doors for pop-up themed events around town; temporary events or restaurant locations created by restaurant owners and chefs. Some may argue that the pop-up is over, but we protest, it’s not over yet! Portland restaurants continue to explore untouched boundaries of the business, from new event spaces to new music and art all in the love of food. Why stop creative thought when we can keep it thriving with new daring pop-ups around town?  We’re excited about two pop-up dining experiences, P.R.E.A.M., Ned Ludd’s Monday Night Pizza and Hip Hop, and The Country Cat’s new Led Zeppelin inspired Sound Bites Dinner. Both, P.R.E.A.M. and Sound Bites are bound to get your feet tapping and your mouth watering!

Ned Ludd
3925 NE MLK Blvd

Ned Ludd’s new hip hop and pizza night happening every Monday, P.R.E.A.M (Pizza Rules Everything Around me) inspired by Wu-Tang Clan’s 1993 single, “C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me)" brings back the beats of old school hip hop served with their signature wood fire pizza. Walk in and the staff will great you in sportswear and gold chains, taking you back to a 1980’s Run DMC concert. As you jam out to Beastie Boys and MC Hammer playing over the loud speaker, enjoy Ned Ludd’s dishes, set up like the course of a song with the intro, verse, and chorus. True to their rule breaking style, P.R.E.A.M offers pizzas with unique toppings such as kale, smoked mozzarella, onion, and burnt honey, or try something simple with a twist such as the Margherita, with mozzarella, fresh basil, and Ned Ludd’s canned tomatoes from last summer. P.R.E.A.M. is a great way to spice up your Monday nights.

The Country Cat
The Calico Room
7919 SE Stark St

Inspired by a childhood filled with classic rock, country, and soul music played by his radio DJ father in Jefferson City, Missouri, Adam Sappington’s new “Sound Bites” dinner pop-up combines his two passions: great food and music. Rock out with Chef Adam Sappington in The Calico Room, Country Cat's new event space, as he turns it up to 11 with a throwback rock n’ roll feast while watching the quintessential Led Zeppelin Royal Albert Hall concert. The concert screening is from 1970 with a dinner menu from the era. The dinner and screening begin at 6:30 p.m. with passed appetizers and includes family-style first course and entrée, sides, and desserts by Pastry Chef Jackie Sappington for $40 per person not including drinks and gratuity. Wine pairings are available for an additional $10. The Led Zeppelin dinner will be the first of the series of dinners at The Calico Room. Be sure to take a step back in time with Chef Adam Sappington and enjoy great food with classic rock n’ roll.

Enjoy great music and food in one night at one of these rule-breaking restaurants!